Lyrical Responses

I could respond to most of the confessions and posts on here quoting a line from a song.  I don't usually, for fear that others will not get the joke or take offense.  So I usually just end up chuckling to my self and moving on.

trixiegirl trixiegirl
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2008

I can do the same with Seinfeld Episodes! I can see an episode is a lot of my everyday life. When I read stuff on here I think "Oh that's just like that episode where George............."<br />
But I feel the same way... they may not understand and it will be taken as rude.<br />
And heaven forbid I don't want to offend anyone. Well, sometimes I think about it, but then I would stress about it and go back and delete it! <br />
I'm such a wuss!! :D

We can all use a bit more humor in our lives. So please reconsider and post your jokes. I'm certain some of us would "get" it. Those who don't ....well, what can I say .... if I don't get it it's my loss.