2nd Story Of Overprotective Brothers!

---Tyler, Matt, Chad, Dylan, Toby, and Me (Haley). Tyler is 24, Matt is 21, Chad is 19, Dylan is Chads twin, and Toby is 16---

Okay! Hey guys sorry that I havent written any more protective brother stories. I've been extremely busy! Haha so I have experiences with overprotective brothers everyday. Sometimes I hate it, but sometimes its so sweet! I'm 15 years old now btww. Haha another story is that one day this past year my friend Leon came over. He's my age and a good friend. My brothers werent home from work/football practice so we jist started watching movies. Now to just let you know Leon is VERY hot! So anywho we were just watching Titanic when the sex scene came on! It was at first awkward but then Leon kissed me! And its wasnt a little peck it was a full make out session. We started just making out on the sofa and Leon was on top of me in a great position until suddenly i heard Dylan, Chad, and Toby slam the door. Now the way our house is set up the T.V. room is in the back and the front door is far away from it so they couldnt see us. Leon stopped kissing me and quickly ran into the bathroom like i said. I came out to where my brothers were eating, not knowing my hair was all messy and my lipstick was a wreck. My brother Chad was like "what happened to you?" and i was like "what do you mean? I'm fine." and Toby said my lipstick and hair was all messy. (Lol) And then I was like "wwwwhhhaaaaaaaatt? I was just watching a movie!" and then Leon, being loud sneezed in the bathroom and I just stood in the kitchen smiling. Then my brothers were all like "whos there? Haley what the hell is going on? What have you really ben doing?" And i just said nothing. Then they all went to the bathroom door and banged it oped and saw Leon in there! I was just frozen then of course Tyler and Matt came home right at the moment Chad said get the hell out of my house and dont you dare come back! then all of my brothers ganged up on Leon, part of the football team, and started to drag him out of the house. Leon then said to me "I love ya babe! I always will! I'll be backk and I'll bring a condom..." and that he winked at me and Tyler threw him out of the house and its pretty safe to say that Matt, Chad, Dylan, and Tyler beat the crap out of him. I was crying so i could get a little more sympathy from my brothers and it was all dramatic and frustrating to me. Toby was holding me to his chest. Im really short, I'm like 5'5" and Toby, the youngest of the oldest, is 5'9" and like all my brothers SUPER STRONG WITH 6 pcks. But i was just crying and crying. About 10min later the rest of my brothers came back in and Tyler sat me down on Matts lap and Tyler said stuff like "You cant see him anymore, hes a player, he just wants you for sex, please tell me ur not gonna have sex etc." and then he looked me right in the eye and said that at least one of my brothers are gonna be by my side every day every moment. Then I got all mad and stood up and looked up into his eyes (hes 6'4") and screamed "I can do whatever I want, when I want it!!! You think we were just kissing? You think thats my first kiss? I'M NOT EVEN A VIRGIN!!!!" I could just feel the tension and I could just see in all my brothers faces that they were really going to stay by my side now 24/7. Then there were multiples "WTF?!? Who was the guy? Are you pregnant? Do we know the guy? How long ago? Oh Haley come on baby girl why? Your better than this!!" and i just ran off into my room while hearing my brothers telling me to come back. NOW just to let you know, I am a virgin but I've been kissed several times. Hah im not a slutty girly! haha-->> back to the story! I was in my room crying my eyes out. I was so mad at the world that i just wanted to scream. I just wanted to punch something. So i did. I punched the wall and screamed from the pain. I could here my brothers running up the stairs but I locked my door. Then I just wanted to drain the sound so i filled up ny bath tub and stuck my head in it. My brothers were screaming my name but I didnt here it. Then I heard a big bang. Great the broke my door open. Then without trying I was loosing my breath. Im not suicidal just to let you know. My life just collapsed under my feet in just 3 years. One of my brothers grabbed my head gently but fast from the water. I was crying so hard and I was just sitting on the bathroom floor in Tylers arms. All my brothers were there. Just sitting on my bathroom floor calming me down. Cooeing and saying "its okay baby girl" This happened in April so it was the beginning of Spring Break! (Holla) then all of sudden everything went black. I was dreaming that i was in an ocean drowning. and that I couldnt breath. Then Tyler splashed water on my face and said "Haley. Baby you just passed out! Breathe! hunn Breathee everythings okay." about an hour later i was picked up and sat on the couch near the kitchen. I just let it all out. I couldnt stop crying. I just cried bc my parents died after I told them I hated them, I cried bc part of me thought I just wanted to die and leave, I cried bc nothing works out, I cried bc I couldnt be me. Before I knew it I was crying harder. All my brothers came over to me. Matt picked me up and put me on his lap. And they just sat with me telling me that their never going anywhere. That they will always love me and that nothing bad is going to happen as long as their with me. I looked up Tyler and looked at all my brothers and said "I'm sorry I overreacted and yelled. By the wayy I still am a virgin. But many guys try to have sex with me. They just say I'm irresistable and they just want one go and that they'll leave me alone. Thats why I dont go out all lot." You could see ny brothers faces go from excitement to pissed. Chad was like "Who the hell tries to have sex with you?! Well atleast your still a virgin." And all my brothers agreed but I just said too many guys to name. Tyler said things were gonna change and the guys gave me a big bear hug. And said that they were sorry for overreacting also. Btw I broke my hand hahaha. And things did DEFINITLY change but I still have many more stories like the one of almost getting raped (4 times), running away, accidently getting drunk, getting in a school fight, etc. Well I hope that you  This story! Love ya ladies
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I love your stories and I wish I was related to you or knew you (not in a creepy way) but I just love how overprotective your brothers are and being the lame only child 12 year old girl I am I dream of those perfect brothers that will never be there that don't exist so I will be reading your stories a lot and imagine I'm one of you sorry if that's too creepy

I really like your story, I always wanted an older brother and I love your writing :)

Write the story about getting in a school fight

Can u write the one where you almost got raped?

WOW! I can definitely relate to that. I have 4 older brothers that basically lock me up at home haha, and if I actually want to live my life, im gonna have to go through major debates and conversations (totally used to it)

Can you tell the story about almost getting raped?I love these stories!They remind me of my three brothers.

Your stories are really interesting I hope you write more :)

Hey how did things change you can message me if you want. I have two sister and they are protective but not bad we argue over clothes as we are all the same size and similar age :)

I really want to hear about how you get in a fight

Please write more stories about this:D

Can you write the one about getting drunk and running away? thanks awesome story btw

Sorry for responding late, but I sure can! And thanks!

@shinykat Hey it's Haley! (Duh) I just finished another story about getting drunk and running away! I hope you like it! It's called 3rd Story of Overprotective Brothers! Let me know how you like it!πŸ’–πŸ’–

I totally relate to this, can you please write another?

I gladly will! Check back in a few days!

@cindyfallston Hey so so so sorry Im responding late! I just wrote another story about my overprotective brothers! I hope you enjoy!πŸ’—πŸ’—