I Kinda Love It :3

I love my imagination - because when I daydream I can be anyone I want to be, and do whatever I want without breaking the law (gravity included). If I'm having a rough day there's nothing I love more than putting on my Ipod; picking a song and then just letting my mind wander...
However I do say "kinda" because it is nothing but a nuisance when worrying about loved ones. I wreck myself panicking because my boyfriend is hyper and there's a chance he could get knocked over when looking the wrong way, or choke on food and there's no one around. Or I worry about my mum because she lives alone and if she ever falls ill, how will anyone know what's going on?

So yeah, on a good day my imagination is my best friend. But when it wants to be it can also be my worst enemy.
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1 Response Jul 4, 2010

that is exactly what I feel but mine is an enemy though it makes me happy lots of times but I can not concentrate i am easily distracted i can not stand being in one place for so long or else i will keep on making up conversations i hate it<br />
yet i am smarter than an avrage person specially in studies but this thing does not allow me to focus in one book i am always in two places now my grades are going tooooo low