Overactive Imagination!!!!!!!!

First Of All I'm A Girl.

I can make up a COMPLETELY unique person in my mind.Can you do it?
Try This:Picture a Girl with waist length jet black hair,HUGE big neon green eyes,Long Dark eyelashes,peach skin,4'8,slim build,wide hips,hot pink plump lips


A guy with Jet Black Hair,Purple eyes,milky white skin,6'3,abs(obviously),A Roman Nose,and a little muscular

I could do that in a second and I've never seen anyone like these.I just add together things i want to picture and it shows up bright in clear.

And I have this girl in a my head that I talk to when I feel alone or something.Her Name is Cindy and she has Waist Length Blonde Hair,Green eyes,peach skin,and is 5'6(about my height.)

She told me that we'll meet one day when I'm in College,but thats a Looong way from now.She even told me how I'll meet my future husband soon

Yea I'm just that Imaginative.I think I might even havve A.D.H.D.

But Yeah,thats me.
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Yeah that's me in a nutshell. Ive always been able to come up with design ideas on the spot but was cursed with the ability to draw stick figures with great struggle. Good thing my friend is a ace artist!