Hey, This is my first ever story on here so I hope am doing this right.

I have been with my boyfriend (Greg) for 7 months. Am 19 hes 24 We're very close, and every since we met hes been more and more Overprotected of me. He is the sweetest guy ive ever met, And he works out and so Handom. Anytime I fall asleep on the sofa he wraps me in a blanket and carry me up stairs to my/ or his room and if i wake up in his arms he simply coos "Its only me, baby" and i feel so relaxed around him and shut my eyes and fall asleep again while he tucks me in.

Greg doesnt like me going out. Not because he doesnt trust me he says, but he doesnt trust anyone else.

Just last weekend. Me and one of my other friend (Megan) were going out for a good drink. I had to convince Greg not to worrie about me and proswade(sorry cant spell that word) him not to come and that i will be okay. This was the first Saturdays I would be away from him and going out drinking and dancing. He signed

"Okay, but I want you to take your phone with you, and take a cab back to mines"

His place was alot far away from the club we were going to so he gave me cab money to make sure I did it.

He watch me get dresses infront of him, I could tell he was distressed.
Then Megan came and we got all giggley and Greg drove us to the club. Megan got out and Greg took hold of my hand and kissed me so passionately. He let me out for air
"Be good" he said "and have fun, Remember and answer your phone when i ring"
I Nodded "I Will" And gave him a peck on the cheek and left.

Me and megan couldnt have been there for more than half an hour and we were already on our 3rd Vodka coke. Because since ive met Greg Ive not been out much. She wanted to make sure I made up for it.

I felt my phone buzz and went to the laddies so I could hear him.
And try my best to make sence

"Hi baby"
"Hi, Baby. Everything fine"
"I know. Are you having fun?"
"I am. Ive been dancing"
"Good girl. I'll let you go then. I love you."
"I love you two" With that i hung up

I Danced some more and within 2 hours Greg called me 3 more times. I started to get frustrated, I never go out! Why cant he leave me to enjoy myself. But with each phone call he could tell i was getting more and more drunk.

I met and got talking to a few people I just met and was having a good time. Little did i know my phone was buzzing. But i must have been as well because i couldnt feel it.

The next thing i new megan came out of no where "Gregs here! Hes looking for you!" I frowned. "Why!?" She shugged and I signed and went looking for him. I check my phone. 6 missed calls from him. And two texts saying "RU ok?" and "Answer your phone!" As i walked i felt a hand on my sholder It was Greg.

He look at me with relief. He opended his mouth to say something But i cut him off. " what are you doing here!?" I shouted over the music.
"You didnt answer you phone"
"**** sake!I was having a good time!, Your just proving i cant relax when i go out"
"watch it" He mouthed.
I Push him on the chest and walked past him to find the group i was with. When he grabbed my arm and pulled me close.
"**** Off!" I Stuggled out of his hold and he let me go. I never done that before.
"Your ready to come home" He said sterny
"No, Am staying"

People were watching us and he took me by the hand and walked me out of the club and into his car. I tryed to break loose and it was no good and i started to get frustated and wasnt in the party mood anymore. He put me inside the car and buckled me up. It was nice and warm. And I just sat quietly. me nore him said a word.

He took me inside his room, still not saying anything. striped me naked and got me my night dress. "Come on" was all he said and took me into the bathroom and got baby wipes and took my make-up off. I was too tired to do it myself.

He then led me to the bed and put the electric blanket on and tucked me in bed. Before i lell asleep i would he him getting ready for bed two. He climb in beside me. my back to his front and turned me over with his arms and smoothered me in kisses.

"Am Sorry baby" He whispered
I hugged him back and rested my head on his chest and closed my eyes.

"I love you for it Greg" I said sleeply.
He sqeezed me and kissed me some more. And we both feel asleep in each others arms.

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Jan 21, 2013