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I have parents that raised me to fat they very much support my gaining. so I have always been fat exept of about a a year in elementary my parents always wanted a fat kid and I was that for them . When I was a toddler my mom would always have me eat while my sisters played I was made the fatest biggest meal and I ate it and asked for seconds when I started school I had the biggest uniform and I kept getting fatter so I had to get specially made. but I was like a balloon I just wouldnt stop my parents kept on feeding me and when I was ten I became obese I was kept on avert fat diet while my sister ate healthy food. my mom was so happy with my progress that tought that I was getting to much exercise that school so I started online school I stayed all day at home eating . when I started six. grade I was losing some mobility so I had a speacial bed made .then in the seventh grade i gained about 80 pounds and now it's very hard for my to move so I just stuff my self silly all day I currently weigh 310 pound I'm 5 5 . my parents have been there with me gain and I love them for that thanks for showing me this wonderful life I love mom and dad
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So beautifull story 😃

This is child abuse.

I think that starving child and enforcing him-her to diet and have some plastic surgeries like lips enargement is much more abusive.

The things i talking about involves almost the same factors - filtered information around you, biased media, TV and internet, and parents who plan "skinny future" for their children, and forces them to be skinny. The "skinny-positive" social space is just broader than "fat-positive". Difference is just one thing - when you forced to be skinny, you will get a permanent stress just because you will see fat and happy people around, but all this fattening food will be a taboo for you, even it is looks and sells so pleasant. With this pro-skinny brainwashing you will get finally a neurose and will be envy. With pro-fat brainwashing during childhood you may grow up less "healthy" but you will not be so stressed.
PS: the funniest thingy is that we discussing a fake story that was told by a fake character.

350 lbs are just fat but quite far from immobility, it starts from 350 kilos, not lbs.
There are lots of persons who posts their sexual fantasies under fake accounts.
I know just a 1 or 2 real immobile feedees here on EP, but they provided some special details in private chats. Actually, for entire UK there are just 800 officially known "immobile fat patients". They have different moods about their life every day. It is not possible to have very positive mood 100% time.
Lots of people in this group are fat admirers, they dream to fatten up their wifes to immobility and beyond, but 99% of people are not rich enough to make their dreams real, so all they can do just encourage someone to get fatter and even immobile fat, in hope someone else will make their dream real.
But IRL no thing to discuss until some gov will sign a bill that supports fattening girls up, e. g. by giving tax discounts for parents of gaining girls r husbands of gaining women, or to provide additional free food for girls at school and replace PE with additional lunch at chool and universities.

I'm a fat admirer myself, so i don't see anything bad if more fat people (especially women) will be. This is why i'm joined to this group. I fattening my wife up and she likes all this, she is feedee too.
I don't understand why people who don't like fat people or don't like getting fat but spending time in the groups like this anyway.
Want promote "healthy lifestyle etc."? This is not possible to do with logic like "Lets say that being fat is bad and ugly". Healthy is not about size, healthy is about being active - I'm skinny myself, but with my sedentary lifestyle will not seen for you as "healthy".
People are different and yes, there are people who gets so much pleasure from overeating fattening food, from getting fatter, etc. that they will never be interested in some "healthy" (active) lifestyle. Accept this.
Some people getting a strong pleasure from this, but they would be active if other people around them will not point with finger at them and will not scream "fat cow!!!" etc. When someone fat and went to gym, they pooh and poof, trying to be active, but instead pleasure they get frustration because people actually laugh on them.
So, it is important it is not say that being fat is a crime or waste of oxygen, but to say that it is possible to be fa and healthy/active anyway.
I hope you will get the point.

Reply to your first post
Starving your child and forcing them to have plastic surgery IS abuse. Though, I've never heard of a case where a parent forces their daughter or son to have lip enlargements. I would assume it would be more forced with a deformity. Regardless, that's not the point. Having a fat child and dieting them is not abusive. If you make your child obese, they need to be taken out of your care immediately because obviously it makes you just as negligent as starving the kid. The difference between being (healthily) thin is that there are no health risks, and your life is not in danger. I don't care who says what; if you're fat, you are NOT healthy and need to actually do something about it. Anyway… Starving your child is not more abusive than actually forcefully making your child the fattest human to exist ever.
Okay… Rant over. ._.

I read an article about a girl who was forced to diet since 4 y/o and her mother forced her to have lips enlargement at 8 y/o.
Mad case, but it shows where all these stupid "beauty standards" are going to.
There are different types of beauty and there are admirers for each type.

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you have the most awesome parents ever

310 lbs are just 140 kgs... Immobility starts at much bigger weight got 5 ft 5 inches height...

Are you still gaining. How much mobility do you have

what does your sister think of your glorious fatness

Are you immobile now?

Do u have a

Are you still enjoying being fat now?

Yes of course



I agree.

Are your parents obese too?


That's great. Why do they want you so fat?

My mom loves to cook and both of them apriciate a fat woman

That's awesome! For me, I just love to eat and eat and eat....really starting to show! You keep enjoying yourself and I'll attempt to set new food records! ( . )

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Your parents are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your parents are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story. I had to gain on my own. Your story's like a dream!!