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My Family

I have parents that raised me to fat they very much support my gaining. so I have always been fat exept of about a a year in elementary my parents always wanted a fat kid and I was that for them . When I was a toddler my mom would always have me eat while my sisters played I was made the fatest biggest meal and I ate it and asked for seconds when I started school I had the biggest uniform and I kept getting fatter so I had to get specially made. but I was like a balloon I just wouldnt stop my parents kept on feeding me and when I was ten I became obese I was kept on avert fat diet while my sister ate healthy food. my mom was so happy with my progress that tought that I was getting to much exercise that school so I started online school I stayed all day at home eating . when I started six. grade I was losing some mobility so I had a speacial bed made .then in the seventh grade i gained about 80 pounds and now it's very hard for my to move so I just stuff my self silly all day I currently weigh 310 pound I'm 5 5 . my parents have been there with me gain and I love them for that thanks for showing me this wonderful life I love mom and dad
Fattyfatfat1234 Fattyfatfat1234 18-21, F 15 Responses Feb 18, 2012

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This is unbelievable. You charged straight into this from an early age? Did you even make friends at school before leaving???

you have the most awesome parents ever

310 lbs are just 140 kgs... Immobility starts at much bigger weight got 5 ft 5 inches height...

Are you still gaining. How much mobility do you have

what does your sister think of your glorious fatness

Are you immobile now?

Do u have a

Are you still enjoying being fat now?

Yes of course



I agree.

Are your parents obese too?


That's great. Why do they want you so fat?

My mom loves to cook and both of them apriciate a fat woman

That's awesome! For me, I just love to eat and eat and eat....really starting to show! You keep enjoying yourself and I'll attempt to set new food records! ( . )

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Your parents are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your parents are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story. I had to gain on my own. Your story's like a dream!!

Are you happy with the overweight? Im big too...but im not happy about it. Im just wondering whether you feel bad of good? or dont care. You are young just starting life. I dont think that you know all the negative things that come with being overweight. If you wanna talk just contact me...meroli