What The Hell Is Wrong With Me?

I have been living with chronic pain and fatigue for years now. I suffer everywhere;every muscle and joint. My bones in particular have gotten worse. I was diagnosed in May 2001 with fibromyalgia. I recently have begun seeing a new rheumatologist. He did some bloodwork and discovered my inflammation levels were very high. He has tested my antibodies for autoimmune disorders like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The results were positive for certain antibodies but it doesn't point to a particular illness.The doc wants to treat me for rheumatoid illness and see if it improves my condition. From there he will treat for other illness if one doesn't work. He told me he wants to go by process of elimination and see what treatment works to determine what is wrong. He can't even verify that what I have is autoimmune. For now,I continue to be in medical limbo.
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I have done a lot of research but about fibromyalgia and lupus. I am not very knowledgeable about supplements and vitamins. I have been on the fence whether I believe they work. My in-laws swear by them. Do you think I should actually know what is wrong before looking into that or do the research to treat the symptoms?

First let me ask you. What is the difference between the two you are looking to compare? I will say that you can have a colloidal anything. So let's look at the difference between silver and minerals. Are there any differences? What are the two in the first place? I really don't mean to slap you around with these questions however, the link I gave you does have the answers you are asking about. Follow up on what you find at that link or links.<br />
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If you don't study it a little bit you will never understand the value that silver has and why you would want to look into using it to your advantage. You can in fact when done right, make this at home. That would take quite a bit of studying to make that work like it is suppose to. If not there is info on the net as to which companies are worth their salt or your money should you buy their product over the counter.<br />
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When it comes to health there are no easy answers. It requires investigation on your part to stay ahead of the game. Myself I also used a product called: "Olive Leaf Extract" by the "Seagate" company to help me get up off the couch after 3 months of just no energy. All I could do was sleep most of the day. <br />
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I am saying you gotta look around and ask questions even starting here on the internet by Goggling stuff. Maybe you have and maybe you are not done yet. You have two major clues, use them. Let me know what you learn. Welcome to research 101. Enjoy the true value in your knowledge.<br />
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Remember, a researcher can discuss what results they have found with another, So I ask, what have you found so far? This can end up being a whole lot of fun once you get going. Help come out of the wood work-Trust me.

Thanks for the link. I had a doc put me on natural supplements for the fibro and it didn't help. One of them was colloidal minerals. Is that anything like colloidal silver?

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Try this:<br />
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http://soul-guidance.com/health/colloidalsilver.htm<br />
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Follow up on what ever you find there. Because I am not a doctor I can not give medical advice to anyone. However, I am a researcher and I can talk about things I have found that seems to do some good for other people. I just can not say that anything I research will do you any good or not. But you can experiment the same as a researcher to see what results you get. Nudge Nudge wink wink.<br />
Just a thought.<br />
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It would be the same at a health food store. They can not suggest anything to try or use. They can however tell you what they would use if they have a problem like:?. And this is what they would do. Sometimes there is stuff you can study there as well. Just a thought.<br />
There are only two people that can decide what is your problem medically. That would be you and a Doctor of medicine. These days that would be a doctor of drugs they just still use the other name.

LOL,KM! That's a good show. I doubt I would end up being on it,though.