New Underwear

There is something about the smell or the feel of new underwear that makes me hard almost immediately. I have noticed that if I walk past the underwear section in a store I get a craving to buy underwear, get hard, and *** in them. I also have a desire to trade underwear with another man, if you are interested let me know.
frogboy383 frogboy383
22-25, M
10 Responses Jan 26, 2011


Me too, I love underwear departments?

You are seriously not alone there, I do the same thing. I also like seeing what other guys are buying. I have thought about trading too, but I haven't done it yet. I haven't met anyone who was intothat yet. There should be a service that collects men's underwear and sends out weekly packages to guys who love to wear other men's gear. Just sign up, pay a little, select what you want to wear, contribute a few pairs and then wait for hour accustom underwear swap.

Looks like we have an awful lot in common. I'm pretty much the exact same as you. I hope to buy even more tomorrow. That fresh, new smell has been very arousing to me for as long as I can remember. I would be up for trading.

If I was in the super rich world my indulgence would be a new pair of pants every day and give the used ones to charity! Nothing like the feel of a new pair straight out of the packet - and yes, I do sometimes get horny in a new pair.

Not only do I love wearing underwear, but I love to be seen in them. Love to catch a gimps of fit men in the locker room getting dressed. Have gone out of my way to be seen in my briefs. Would enjoy hearing other guys stories about showing off in your briefs.

If you are interested in trading / selling guys drop me a line... I have quite a collection :)

In my teendays I have sold a few my used briefs to guys. Turns me on just thinking of them having a pair of my undies.

yes, well @lorzain, i do that too. :)