Cant Get Enough Undies

I think my underwear fetish isn't like everyone else on this page.  Mines more of an attachment to my panties then a fetish.
I MUST match my underwear to my outfits.
I have a memory for EACH pair I own
I take more time picking out my underwear then I do my actual out fit.
I have undies for special occasions...if nothing exciting happens that day I feel like I wasted a good pair of panties.
They have their OWN drawer in my dresser that is over filled
My BF isn't an under guy...he could care less and that makes me upset because their cute and I want to show them off to him.
I will take out my undies from my dresser in front of friends and tell them which are my favs.
I rotate.  I never wear the same panties in a month.
I have an obsession with my UNDIES :)
livenlaugh livenlaugh
1 Response May 10, 2012

I do the same picking out my underwear take longer than picking out my actual fit for the day. i have three drawers full one for trunks, one for briefs then for thongs. prob have about 120 pairs maybe more.