I Feel Addicted To Tighty Whities.

I'm 25 now and I've had a total fetish for tighty whities since I was about twelve years old. The fabric, tightness, and general appearance of them has always made me very horny. Everyone I know tells me that briefs are for little boys or old men, and I always kind of thought of them as a bit taboo to wear. That could also be the attraction.
In any case, I keep buying them. I'll go to Walmart once a week and buy a new pack of 7 Hanes briefs. I often ********** with them on. The fabric just drives me wild, and seeing an erection underneath said fabric is very pleasant for me.
I don't like getting rid of them, which is starting to turn into a problem. I only have so much drawer space.

They have to be white, though. Any other colors don't turn me on at all for some reason.
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6 Responses May 12, 2012

I found I like the fruit of the loom the best especially the new ones they turn me on so much

i am exactly the same

Do u like used white jockey briefs? I have many of them in size 34. Could u wear that size? If you can, i would send a couple pair to you free.

You can always send some used Tighty Whites my Way would love to smell them and Jack off to them.

I prefer white jockey briefs, they turn me on and i edge my hard **** in them as often as i can. I've enjoyed white briefs and jockstraps all my life.

can not agree with you more!! can not have enough, they need to be white and do all the same in mine. I do like the brands such as Hanes and Fruit of the Loom best!

I'd suggest you try briefs by 2(x)ist. look for the no-show briefs (they are significantly lower rise than any others). I fell sexier in them. White, red or black... they are super sexy and feel AMAZING.

Gotta agree, those 2xist briefs are great. Now...if tey would only make a pair with double seat it would be a true winner.