Neuro And Urology

Last appts were April 10 (urology) and April 11 (neuro)

Sooooo this is what we found out : Doc wants to have a scope in his bladder to see if there is something they are missing. Did an ultrasound on his kidneys again. Also Dil always has clear UAs. But he hurts to pee. SO we now have a note to give ANY doctor that does a UA stating that they NEED to run a culture as well. He has more UTIs that we thought.

Neuro.....he DOES have tourettes and OCD. Right now we are debating if medication would cause more harm that good. We were told to expect it to get worse (around puberty) and for him to develope more tics. As of now he isn't having many. (hope that lasts)

Also we found out that he when he was 6 months he didn't have the myelin in his brain like he should have had. Nothing they can do for that. But the doc wants him to have another MRI in the near futrure to see if that issue has improved. Many children lack that but it should be grown in at around 3 months (crosses fingers)

I'm spacy and exhausted. I hope this made sense.

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i really hope you get things straightened out for the little guy, if there is anything i can do im here for you.

awwww pickle ... this has to be so stressful for all of you .... I hope for a solution and for some peace and calm ....


You will find the strength to plow on through this, and if you think you can't, have friends who love and support you..:)

*smiles* That means alot...knowing people care...*hugs*

i dont say this very often pickle but my prayer go out to you n your family

Thank you *hugs*

*hugs back* anytime pickle

I wish you the best of luck with your son. It sucks to have to go thru all the tests and appointments but at least you're moving in the right direction and getting some answers. Hugs!

Exactly! Every trip brings us one step closer :D

oh my...LP...i can't imagine how frustrating this is for you and Dil. ((HUGS)) You two are always in my thoughts.

*huggles tight*