This Is Confusing.

My little one is dehydrated again today. He hasn't passed urine for 18 hours and is tired. His nurse was out and if he doesn't go by the end of the day we need to take him in to have IV fluids.

This happens on and off no matter how much liquid he takes in...just another one of his little quirks. He is still drinking but his skin gets dry and loose. And he doesn't "go". He drinks ton of water and juice..right now his favourite is that V8 fusion. The berry flavour.

Wow..he is going to be 2 in another month and a half and still wears 12 month clothes. The only thing growing on him is his feet. Right now he is 32 inches and 26 lbs.

I have no updates yet...but will keep anyone who cares..informed.

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2 Responses Sep 3, 2009

I have most of it on my stories. But any help would be great. Thanks.

Thank you very much for that..and the same goes to you as well.