Undiagnosed Ear Ringing, Sound Sensitivity, Head Dizziness, Shaky Vision, Etc...

In June 2010, I began to experience these symptoms (they all came on gradually over a period of one month):

1) A feeling in my head like my eyes were falling back *into* my head. Eventually could not stare at computer screen or read. Eventually could not lie down and could not sleep. Almost like a pendulum was swinging back and forth in my head. A feeling of "heaviness."
2) Shaky vision. If I stare at anything, particularly straight lines, things vibrate back and forth.
3) Ear ringing, sometimes buzzing, humming, or sounding like flutes playing. Particularly when lying down.
4) Sound sensitivity. Eventually had to wear ear plugs all the time. Every little noise would make my head hurt more.

Duration of Severe Symptoms: 3.5 months. I was out of work for 3 months, lost tons of weight, and in my opinion, nearly died. I could was a vegetable and in constant agony.

Ongoing Problems? Lingering side effects include vision shakiness and light head heaviness, daily. Eyes are very shaky upon waking up in the morning. Takes at least 5 seconds to "focus" on anything.

Diagnosis: None. (3 trips to the hospital, 5 MRIs, ENV, ENG, 2 weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona).

Medication helped? The only medication that remotely took the edge off of my head swinging (the worst of my illness) was Klonopin. I'm not sure why. No drugs were able to reduce the ear ringing or the sound sensitivity. Ear ringing and vision shakiness remain to this day. Ear sensitivity is better, although not totally gone.

What did the doctor rule out? Migraines, tumors, Meniere's, ear infections, everything you can possibly think of.

Biggest fear? That it will return. Because I have no idea what brought it on.

Ongoing meds? I take Citalopram right now, which may be more of a safety blanket than anything. It does not keep my head from being heavy, but it keeps me from worrying about it too much (I think).

I hope someone might read these symptoms I have and tell me something I don't know. A doctor, a diagnosis, or even just some new research out there on any of the conditions I have.

Thank you!
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I'm so sorry for your symptoms. Mine were manageable after I started taking Klonopin once a day, although that was after 3 months of suffering through every test imaginable. About a month after taking Klonopin, I came off of it because we wanted to get pregnant. We went on to have a healthy baby boy. My vision still shakes, my head still gets "heavy" every now and then, but I'm no longer incapacitated. <br />
<br />
Are you able to function?

Hi, I have had the same symptoms as you for three months they began two weeks after I gave birth to my daughter. You didn't mention labrythitus but I ended up in the hospital with horrible vertigo then when the vertigo stopped I had shaky vision that's persisted. I still get the heavy head when I do t do my vor exercises which have been a life saver. Have you heard of vistibulaur rehab if not it really helps. I had an EEG,MRI, multiple tests at the ENT all normal except on my MRI they found superior canal dehiscence which wouldn't cause shaky vision they said. So now I'm at a wellness center and they aren't sure either but said maybe it was the same virus as shingles and that can effect vision for six months but there's no test for it I'm also seeing a chiropractor 3x's a week because he thinks my c1and c2 discs are causing the shaky vision. Did you find out what you have yet? Are you still suffering the same symptoms? Please let me know how you are?