What Could It Be?

Hi everyone...
Basically ,y illness started with bowel problems, I get Similar symptoms of ibs but instead of feeling the relief most people get everything carries on. I get cramping and aching to the point I end up doubled over. I also feel sick most of the time whether i eat or not. ALSO!!!! Most of my left side hurts a lot of the time and my right knee... Sometimes it is hard for me to hold something without dropping it. I have chronic fatigue (which isn't useful with 2 young children) but come bed time I cannot sleep! I can go 2-3 days on 3 hours sleep! But I feel tired constantly even if I had 12 hours sleep! Just lately I've become very itchy most on my knuckle on my left hand, between the two fingers leading off that knuckle and the back of my neck... Everywhere else too but just not as bad. I've started to become deaf in my right ear and get horrible headaches and painkillers don't seem to touch any of this. Put all this together with back ache and restless legs (sometimes restless arms too) and I am thoroughly sick of it! Does anyone out there have any idea what could be causing this?!
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

hi, I'm reading several stories on here about undiagnosed illnesses which are similar to mine or the symptoms suffered by fellow sufferers. Thankfully I now have a diagnosis. I think I could possibly point you in the right direction with your symptoms but would need to check one or two elements with you. I don't want to throw things out there and send people down the wrong path because it could do more harm than good in terms of getting a proper diagnosis in the long run. Hope you're still logging in. M