Not Really Concerned

I'm an illness & accident prone child LOL

I've had a chronic chest cough for over 3 years...I got used to it

I had a mini-stroke last October...that sucked

I have seizures...but Ive been diagnoised w/ epilepsy

Depression, chronic headaches, lack of balance,chest pains, breathing problems, vision problems...blah blah blah, had an MRI done a few years back, was supposed to get them every 6 months but opted out. I feel like Im wasting resources if Im not on the floor convulsing.

I figure if I get a few more issues I'll go see a doctor, but if I can move in the forward direction Im good!

FastLaneC3 FastLaneC3
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 16, 2010

SERIOUSLY, .... YUMPUM above is correct, you REALLY should consult a doctor as this condition is fixable. No reason to feel crummy when with the correct medication etc. you could be feeling like a million $$$$$$$$$$.. PLEASE, LEASE, PLEASE, see a DR.

Nah. People are WAAAY too concerned over the smallest things. Nobody is perfect & if after my TIA in october Im still kicking I'm fine.

I can understand that at your age you dont want to become a full time medical case but hey. Please, this can be sorted. Many people with epilepsy get help and get to control their condition. Don't give up on yourself like this. You are not alone and need some support here. Please will you get checked out. because if you dont get help you will be shooting yourself in the foot. You will lose all confidence and be denying yourself a quality life. You deserve to make the most of what you have. I urge you now to have the courage to face this ill health and fight for a brighter future. Do you dare?