Understanding Is the Key...

I never would have believed it. My mom was right all those years ago! For a class assignment we were to say where we thought we would be in ten years and to get three other opinions on it. Friends, family, and teachers would be our sources. Only one of each. I chose my mom and she said that I would be a perennial student. I laughed in her face. Are you kidding I just wanted to get away from it all after graduation.

It didn't take me all of ten years to finally see she was right. If I could I would never leave college. There's so much to learn and I want to learn it all. I used to think I knew it all. Now I say so and no one believes me, even me.

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2009

I spent 10years in post secondary. I loved it! I never wanted to leave but couldn't afford to stay. When I left full-time studies I took classes here and there. I also took up a trade to help with my need for learning new things. Now I am in insurance and find it requires continuous learning. The only thing I can't stand is dealing with the public on a daily basis, in this manner.

I am the same way. I love to take classes.