Life Could Have Been Different If....

Today I was shouted upon and was mocked by my dad (who is also a doctor) for not knowing accounting of a pharmacy. Well, I am a dental student and my college doesn't teach me accounting. Alright, even if it wasn't suppose to be learnt at college, where else should have I learnt it? And what for am I suppose to learn it? I don't think anywhere in dentistry it'll be of any help for me. Or is it suppose to be known by birth just like mother tongue language? If he insists me so much to know all that stuff, why hasn't he taught it to me? At each and every part of my life I've been mocked upon or taunted by him that I don't know stuff. Its too much of a kind of irritation for me. If I should have had knowledge about things like those, why hasn't he guided me in a proper way? Why did he remain silent while he knew what I am suppose to be taught? I wouldn't have been a failure today if he had taken the right steps too. Life could have been completely different if he would've guided me to be the way I am suppose to be.
drkailashrathi drkailashrathi
22-25, M
Apr 5, 2012