It all started around March. Me and my dad were headed to soccer, but we left really early to drop my big brother off for math tutoring. We went to chermsite shopping centre, and I had sushi. Sushi is my favourite food and I've been eating it for ages. It had a tang to wassabi on it I noticed, but I was not allergic to that (I know this because once my big brother tricked me into thinking it was avocado when I was 5). I had to other allergies to anything, and after when I had finished eating the corner of my lip started to swell up abit. It looked like when you chewed on it and when you bit off abit of skin it would turn into a small lump. And it burned abit. I told my dad and we thought it was just a minor reaction and it would go away. I was extremely panicked on the inside. Over the next course of 30 minutes, I had noticed it had become difficult to swallow, and my throat felt tight. Like you were holding back crying. My dad called my mum (who was at work and was a doctor) and she said take antihistamine. It was a cheap brand that worked over the course of 30 minutes and dad asked if I wanted to go to hospital. There was a private one near the shopping centre, but I told him lets just wait around outside just in case the medicine. After 30 minutes exactly, my throat was better. I am terrified of eating now and constantly swallow excessively just to be sure. When I would go to eat sushi at different places, I wasn't allergic but when I had Chinese food it happened twice. The throat swelling though happens really slow (thankfully). I sometimes am scared to take antihistamine because I might be imagining it and I dont want to overdose. I now have stupid anxiety because of this event and am scared to enjoy foods that I love that have anything to do with China or Asia or fish. I really hope this mystery allergy goes away, or one day at least know what food causes it. I think its maybe a type of oil they use to cook with.
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be careful as it could be Soy related too a lot of Chinese food has Soy and Fish sauce both are high allergens

I understand that fear well.

I know you like evolution, and let that be your guide in health and life. It has saved my life literally studying it. Apply it to anything health related as you grow up. :)