I Am Over It.

I went for more tests today. They are now back to doing tests they have already done.
After almost four years of trying to find what this physical malady can be, I have decided I no longer care. I don't care anymore than the doctors, the neurologist, the oncologist, the gastroenterologist, the gynecologist, or any of them. I have undergone so many tests, cat scans, MRIs, blood work. The only thing I have had verified is chronic anemia, which seems to have no known cause in my case. No reason for the chronic nausea and vomiting, no reason for the tremors, the forgetfulness, the dizziness, the weakness, the migraines, none of it.
So today, I refused to begin retesting. I have decided that I will just live with it. I will eat right, I will exercise, I will try to provide my body with the proper supplementation, and I will get the hell on with my life. I am sick of being sick! This is not how how wanted to live, but LIVE I WILL.
It is time to finish living my life, instead of living through appointment after appointment.
chaoticsoul chaoticsoul
41-45, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Wow you are having a tough time.
Im sure everyone here at Ep wishes you well, me included.

thank you, but I am definitely not looking for sympathy. I am merely choosing to no longer be ill. I shall see how it works for me