I Have A Very Differnt Problem

my daughter who just turned 36 has decided that she has hated me for the last 20 years.I used to help her with all the bills in fact paid all kinds of payments for her. I used  to get every thing the grand kids needed for school. now im in debt up to the hilt. she has kicked out my granddaughter from home about 5 times and now she has  let the oldest g-daughter get married. she has gotten on to disability and says shes not scared of me any  more.
now she wont let me see my grand kids unless they sneak up to see me. 
my dr says she has got a lot of mental problems but there is no way i can get her to  go to a dr.she doesnt speak to me and me not to her since may of ths year.
silky7dragon silky7dragon
51-55, F
Aug 2, 2010