My Mother and I

I always knew there was something different about my mother,she could go from hysterically happy to suicidal in a minute.It took me some time to figure out what it is that she has and when I did,I talked to her about it and suggested her to see a doctor.She completely disagreed and got offended.Things got worse over the course of the years,she has developed a second personality that forgets about me and kicks me out of my house believing Im an intruder,she then got pretty depressed and sleeps all day long.A few years back I decided to describe her as a zombie shes not dead but neither alive.
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My mum was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 29ys old. For years we never knew from one day to the next what mood she would be in. She was either depressed, staying in bed all day. Or she would be in her 'high' mode, playing music loudly in early hours of the morning waking us up. Pulling the sheets off the beds to wash them in the early hours while we were still asleep in those beds! She would start a multitude of household chores never finishing any of them. The house looked like we'd been bombed! I lost my childhood, had to grow up very quickly and 'be mum' to my younger siblings. I felt more like the mother and grew up not knowing what it's like to have the love and support of my mum. She would never accept her illness and hated me for trying to get her help. I broke my heart everytime I had to take her to the psychiatric ward for help, explain to the Drs her behaviour while she called me a liar. She became a danger to herself. I won't go into all the horrible things she said and did to me and my own family. It wasn't until my own children, after witnessing the latest barrage against me and seeing me so hurt, asked me "why do you keep going back for more mum?" It took 50yrs but eventually I learned to walk away.

I'm sorry taw, I am a 47 yr old mom, and would never want to hurt my kids in any way. She wouldn't want to either. It could be menapause triggering it even more. Just tell her that you love her and you want her to feel good. Also tell her it's affecting you and that you are upset. That might be the straw to make her go to a Dr, any Dr! My thoughts are with you : )

You should talk to someone. Find a doctor or go to mental health and tell them what's going on. I would if my mother was like that. Just find someone.


That sucks that she won't admit she has a problem. Same with my mom.<br />
How old is she?