What Mental Illness Is This?

She comes to my room with a smile, asks me what I'm doing. Her mood is great, she looks like a positive person. And it takes only 3-5 minutes to mess up everything and her mood turns into a disaster. Sometimes she even is violent to me. Then I must leave the house for at least 30 minutes and comeback only after she has calmed.

I want to help her but she will never accept her mental situation, she will just blame me for everything making herself a victim. I was thinking to film her behavour with me... But what's the use? I will go to the psychologist and say "hey, look, it's my mom, she is sick, cure her."? She won't go. She will send me there instead.
She acts wonderful when she's with other people, no one would believe me . I'm her little "sponge" that sucks her bad emotions.

Sometimes I feel like I'll overflow, but I'll leave this place sooner or later. I just don't want to leave her with such a mental illness.

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7 Responses Aug 8, 2011

I understand completely. My mother is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and refuses to take medication. Like just a minute ago we were laughing at a video and then when I went to share the video on facebook off of her page she had a fit. Then i raised my voice and said that she was making something out of nothing, after that she hit me and told me to get the hell out and that I was being a bi***. I have come to understand that you cannot help the helpless.

I am sorry you are having to deal with this. It can take years to make sense of it, but it is not your fault. My mother is bi-polar and has a personality disorder, unmedicated. At 50 years old I finally, FINALLY learned to take care of myself and find the tools to distance myself psychologically (and feel okay about it!). The key is to get a good counselor and take care of you. Some people are able to create boundaries with bipolars so that they have some sense of control over the situation. I found for myself that I have to stay away to be healthy, but felt guilty about that for years, especially around the holidays. I've come to terms with it and am a very happy person with my own family. I can now also see how my experience gave me strengths that other people don't have. I hope you find the help you need early on so that your journey does not take so long.

I am sorry you have to go through this. I went through my mother's unmedicated mental illness for 30 years and it is not easy. I can tell you that, there's not much you can do to make her change or realize she has a problem - that's something you can't control. But you can control your life, your decisions and your mental well being. Look for help for yourself. Do not put up with an abusive situation.

Whatever its name, it seems like we all agree that it is not normal, and even abusive. I think you should do exactly what you suggested! Tape her behavior and go to a psychologist (or therapist or counselor) and say "this is what my life is like. how do I cope with this?!"

I feel for you, I was searching the net looking for similiar posts and saw yours, you are a young woman just starting out in life and the woman you should be able to turn to and 'trust' is very ill, to capture her in that rage will endanger you as my son has a child with a woman who is bipolar, she has tried to rip his eyes out not once but the twice!!! The bipolar personality does not see their shortcomings only yours....unmedicated your mother is a danger and easy for me to say BUT I would say to you SAVE YOURSELF get your own place, visit her and yes love her, she's your Mom but make your boundaries.

well, that's not a bad idea. But it will be hard to get "that moment" on the camera. I wonder how she would react to the footage when she's calm...

It kind of sounds like borderline personality disorder. I'm not a shrink, but my sister has it. It's awful because she is the most wonderful person in the world, and then all of a sudden she's a raging monster.<br />
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It's hard to get the person to admit that it's actually THEM that has the problem. What if you filmed her and then showed her? Maybe she doesn't realize how she is.