Youngest Daughter Scared For My Future

I grew up with an unmedicated bipolar mother. She knew something was wrong with her but all the docotrs for years told her she was fine. I grew up with her fits of anger and her depression. She was a wonderful and loving mother but she couldn't handle herself and her fits. There were times my sister was beaten bad and once she came to she would cry wondering why she couldn't stop herself from doing these things. Once she was medicated she slowly got better but my sister and I got worse. We went through puberty and found both of us had problems with depression and anger. Candice was diagnosed at 16 and I was at 16 after I had tried to stab het in one of my anger fits. I have tried every medication but nothing made me feel right and Candice doesn't take any for reasons I can never understand. She is a mother of two and is going down the sane road as my mother did. I am having a baby in 3 months and I am scared I will too. I am willing to go on medication but I am scared it won't be enough. I wish I knew what to do fir my nieces and myself.
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1 Response May 23, 2012

Hang in there. Seek help if you need it. Especially now you have a little to think about too. Being strong sometimes means being vulnerable and yet wise enough to ask for help from professionals. Also enlist friends if you can, to be your support. You can do this!

*little one to think about