After another manic episode, I logged onto the Internet and decided I needed so speak up. Coping with my mothers roller coaster emotions has completely taken its toll on not only me, but the rest of my family Aswell. Often in a family where the mother is undiagnosed as bipolar, we are confused and left feeling like victims. Well I am Here to say that I am done being a punching bag. No human being deserves to be ridiculed or punished on a daily basis. I will be hit, punched, pushed, beaten, but I will never let my mother take my pride and will to be a good person and stay strong.
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Stay strong, seriously and try your best to stay away from substance abuse. My mother was so horrible I ran away at 14 and eventually became a heroin addict. I am 32 been clean for 2 yrs and a single mother and just had to cut ties with her for me and my babies sake. She flipped when we left, calling me a stupid junkie ***** that could never make it without her around, luckily I know now that it's not my fault that she acts like this, no matter how hard she tries to convince me that I am a ****** person and should've died I know it's not true.

I had no idea there were others like me, just waiting until they were 18 to run, yet still loving her at the same time. I know how it hurts, and I'm sorry you have to go through it.

Your reply hit me the most, I was too, planning to move out just when i turn 18 which is not long left. I hate to be leaving my dad and little brother but she makes me feel like everything is my fault in her worst times but in her best times we're so close. I don't know how to get her to the doctors to finally solve this. To have it diagnosed. I know that this would change things, we would all see this from a clear point of view.

I wish I had your attitude towards this when I was your age... :)

I like this! Keep up your strength!