Crazy Mom !

My mother is bi polar to an she is a liar she can make up a lie an train her self to believe it . . She is very disrespectful to me an my sister then after she have one of her mental episodes yelling an screaming makeinf up situations she act like we should walk around wit out careing what just went down an if we act like we mad she becomes mad . . Like wtf . . I rlly hate my mother . . To live wit her u must have no type of emotions she would make a scenerio up an swear we did it .
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I sympathize with you. I was an only child living with a bipolar mother who refuses meds. My mother was also very violent. Now I am 36 years old and we don't speak. Just know that it gets better and your healing can begin when you move out and begin your own life. God bless.

You sanity will depend on you letting your Mother go. If she is unmedicated she will always be drama. When she is drama, you are drama, which means your life will stop. You will not grow mentally and you will be lost.

Let go of your help from you school counselor..Reach out and you will be free of her drama.

Letting her go does not you don't love her, it just means you love yourself more and want a healthy life