I'D Rather Be Beat By Joan Crawford With Wire Hangers.....

today marks 2 weeks since i quit answering her calls
since i picked her up from the airport with my new husband
and she put on her show
hysterically manic and drunk
going on
and on
and on
about how she didn't abandon me as a child
to how she will kill anyone who messes with me
from laughing
to crying
to punching the back of my seat

she left a voicemail on my phone at 2:00
"hi baby, it's mommy. just wanted to tell you that if the asteroid hits us, i love you."
i see the message pop up on my phone
and that impending doom feeling
punches me in the gut

every single little thing
is like dealing with the boogie man
the monster under your bed

she is the best saleswoman
the most calculated person
spitting her fury

she knows exactly what to say

i would rather be beat by joan crawford with wire hangers
than endure
one single second
of being her child
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2013

I got fed up dealing with the same hysteria about 6 months ago, and cut all contact.
It is the best thing I could have done and wish I'd done it earlier. Since I was always the scapegoat, I have left the golden child to deal with it.
She bad mouths me to the family at every occasion, but I don't care, the peace is amazing!
Stick with it, you don't need any body else's issues in your life, it's hard enough dealing with your own!

My mother is bipolar and so am I do I can relate to both. Both of you are victims of the illness. My mother doesn't take meds either and it built up so much that I had to set my boundries and I do agree that you ask her to get help or she can't be in your life or you keep her at a distance (thats wha i do now) and not involve her in your prrsonal life. i would involve her and i kept forgetting i dont have a normal mom and so now i grieve the loss of a normal mom and i tell her as little as possible about whats going on in my life. Its worked very well so far! i know that is easier said then done but I got to a complete breaking point when I turned 40 and I have to say it was a few bricks off my shoulder. Good luck. I hope you can find some peace. I know its hard.

I don't really understand.. Do you just want sympathy? Yea its hard to have a relative who has bipolar.. I know my family feels this way about me (eyeroll). She clearly needs help.. When i got bad ( mania not sunstance abuse) i was put into a mental hospital. Maybe you should put her in a hospital. You seem to have a lot of anger towards her, if you hate her then just say **** it and cut her out of your life. I hope that your children dont inherit her illness, cause its genetic.

Roses86: HOW. DARE. YOU. you have no idea what i have been through - what i hope for in my relationship with my mother - what i have been the victim of. How you have any ground to even begin to think for one second that you know what it is like to love someone so desperately and fear them like no other in the same breath....Your little *eyeroll* comment was cute -- my mother does that too when she deflects all responsibility for her CHOICE to not take the medication.

Sorry i think you misunderstood me all i meant was your mother needs help and it sounds like she needs medication. You should convince her to go into the hospital, does she have bipolar1 or 2? Obviously i dont know the intricacies of your relationship but i too have been thru plenty and i dont appreciate your dwmeaning tone, sorry if i seemed rude i didnt underatand why you were posting.

have you ever tried to commit someone? how about get someone treatment who truly enjoys how her mania makes her feel?

Yea actually i have. And yes i know people who enjoy their mania, though i cant understand why , mania causes brain damage.. My advice would be to give her an ultimatom like either you get help and start taking meds and address your alchoholism or i cant have you in my life.. Could u say that? Or my other question would be how does she support herself? Are you responsible for her bills and general well being? Is she able to care for herself? If not and youre the one taking care of her then it would seem you have the upperhand.. I dont know ya know. I feel uncomfortable talking to you and i dont know if youre mean in general but u clearly dont like me.. So guess thats it , good luck .

3 years later and I had forgotten about my original post and didn't have any notification settings. Tonight, I chose to not see my mother off to the bus station. The night for my sisters and Grandma was riddled with "Why won't she see me?!" I've never drawn a line in the sand, but this time, I did. I don't dislike anyone's opinions or experiences in this forum: this is tough **** to deal with.....

I understand your situation completely. My mother is the exact same way. Unmedicated, she is a danger to herself and others and doesn't care. The mental health system in this country is pitiful and committing her against her will for 72 hours does nothing but make her more manic. She takes all and gives nothing; uses everyone around her and repeatedly says how it's not her, it's everyone else. As far as this disease being genetic, that is true but you can take preventive measures to help with it. I've been seeing medical professionals for more than 5 years (I'm 26) and I am extremely aware of my situation and surroundings.

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