I Don'T Love My Mum.

There is only 3 people in my life I feel truly comfortable saying I love you too and that's my two daughters and husband. I don't know whether its the guilt of having no love for her that chokes the words in my throat as I say it to anyone else or the fact that, that part of me is broken. For the countless times I gave her another chance to be my loving mother and for that hope to be smashed to pieces. Like so many other stories here, I took bullets for my siblings and father, I took consequences for lies I didn't provoke, I took emotional and verbal abuse until I believed it. I thank my lucky stars everyday that whatever it is out there, put my husband in my path. Otherwise I'd still be there, thinking I had to take it, thinking I had to protect her, thinking I deserved it all, thinking that it was normal and that I had to have it in my life. I am grateful that she brought me into this life, grateful for the good years she gave me, before I became the punching bag, but I realised
I didn't need her in my life just in time.
Girlong Girlong
2 Responses Feb 26, 2013

I can relate, it's a silent form of abuse that plays on the fact that we are conditioned to love our mums. Even if they are crazy, narcissist, no polar or just plain nasty!

Some people are very selfish, that includes mothers. Don't feel guilty if you hate her don't feel guilty if you cut her out of your life.
You deserve better.