Im Going To Kill Her And Take Her Property

Im 42. My mother is 66. Ive suffered lifetime of emotional, mental and even physical abuse. But the best part was i didnt even realise i was being abused and sabotaged until i had my daughter and realised i could never treat her the way my mother treated me. My mother abandoned me the whole day while she slept slept slept if she was not at work in her gov nursing job in a small town clinic. At 5 years old i was already walking 2km back from town on my own because she thought i must learn independence. At 7, she took me 3kms away from home with her old bicycle in the carbooth, left be by the roadside and told me to cycle home, that was how she taught me cycling. I spent most of my time alone in the woods behind my grandparents house where we were staying because she had me out of wedlock and didnt hv her own place. There were lots of snakes in that area and she didnt even care to warn me. As i later came to realise, she had secretly wanted me dead and all her embarrassment of having an illegitimate child in a small town to be over. When i had my own child later, i was appalled to realise i didnt want her walking home alone from kindergarten at 5, i realised i would let her in the woods alone, i realised i would want to make her learn cycling in a kind, understanding way... these were just a tip of what she has done to sabotage my life and my happiness, my friendships, my relationships and now even my marriage. She even tried to sabotage me at my workplace. When my grandma died, she left her house for us saying that eventually i should keep it in the family. Now my mother claims that i disobey her every words and im not entitled to the house and she will sell it and use the money herself. I told her to go ahead. And then yesterday the final straw, she said because she had told me so, i was plotting to kill her and take the house....geez. For support she went and brought her scizhoprenic younger sister and told that i was going to kill her and the sister came with a long chopper knife they use to chop wood into the house when i had my 13 year old and 3 year old son sitting in the hall watching tv. I calld the police. They tried to scheme together and tell lies to the police but the police was wise enough to see them for who they were and confiscated the knife and told me to make a formal police report. But she is still on the loose, calling all my aunts and uncles and distant relatives who hv no idea about her bipolar condition and spreading malicious lies about me. And the sad part is, most of them who hv no idea who she should be lying, actually start to believe her wwithout even talking to me. Ive seen there are thousands of us suffering from mother's with bipolar, it is veyr serious, it must be made known to everyone , students must study about it in school, the health authorities must publicise it as how they publicise a plague. People must be warned. Knowledge is the only way to stop bipolars espcaping and manipulating everyone around them with lies.
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Wow, I'm very sorry to hear about your mother's illness. It's terrible to read the things your mother did to you and I hope things keep getting better for you and that she somehow finds the help she needs.