Still Living With Her

I'm having a particularly hard time dealing with my bipolar mother as she is always drinking and smoking pot. I'm a full time student and have had major surgery so haven't been able to walk for over 2 months. I'm her only child and there's no one around to help and no money since she barely works. I'm her only child therefore the only one there for her to vent on since my dad is a deadbeat. So I get screamed at for asking for help. Or for not bowing down to her and treating her like a victim. She gets so nasty. More so since I've managed to get my life together. She hates that I do well at uni and have a good relationship with my boyfriend, she is equally nasty to him. And I have such a hard time focusing because I'm so stressed living with her. I never know how she's going to be. She can go from being caring and nice to vindictive and bitter in minutes. And she's only getting worse as she gets older. I really hate her. I hate how bitter she is, and how she wont make the effort to solve her own problems and blames them on evereyone else. How she expects other people to provide for her and for things to just 'work out' when she's getting high all day. When I have to be the adult because she's busy escaping from the real world.
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1 Response Sep 16, 2013

Drugs cause mood swings. They go from high to suicide. One can only stop if they want to. Users on a destructive course. It can only get worse.