My Mother Is Bi-Polar

My mother has bi-polar disorder she has been in and out of mental treatment over the years since I was a teen. She has been using alcohol to self medicate. It has been a roller coaster of emotions dealing with her. Being the oldest I have often had to parent my parent. My mom and I have had a strained relationship because of her lack of care of her mental welfare. I love my mother I wish our relationship would be better, but I don't see that happening until she begins to follow up with doctors and get the medical help she needs. It is nice to know I am not alone in this and it is nice to read your stories here it encourages me to continue forward with my mom and not cut her off even though it is tempting at times because of the stress she causes me. My hat goes off to those who struggle with a parent who has mental illness it is not easy at all.
lisa2008boo lisa2008boo
26-30, F
Oct 9, 2013