Today my mother left my dad.

It's not the first time I've heard her say she was leaving him. There have been many times she threatened this course of action. The most memorable was when she said it was all my fault. I was only about 14. She didn't like my dad protecting me, loving me, she made him chose. He didn't pick me.

My dad sounded gutted and lost on the phone, he never thought she would. It's nothing new. All the years he stood behind her, kept her at her best.

I fear for her being without him, he was her saving grace.

This illness is poison to her soul.
I remember her before.
I would give anything to have her back.
Girlong Girlong
1 Response Jan 9, 2014

Have you ever asked your mom's side of the story and why she left? If so, what did she say? A split in a relationship sucks for all involved, but somewhere between the two stories is the truth and for your own piece of mind, you might want to find it.

Best to you, splits always suck

I totally agree with you, there is many levels. Bipolar makes it all much much trickier, any issue can be made into a big enough deal to justify packing all her belongings. This unfortunately isn't something new for our family.

I have found peace a long time ago with my mothers illness.