I don't know where to start. Like other people on here, I feel lonely in coping with my mother. She is not diagnosed but I do strongly believe she is bi-polar. I cannot simply tell her she needs help because first of all I tried and second of all everything you say to her nice or not is an attack to her. In my teen years she has hit me with belts, chairs, hangers, brooms, held me under water. I went to social services, I phoned the police but she is the most manipulative person I have ever met. All her friends and most of her family believed I was the one with the problem. She would come home screaming at me every day from work and I tried every time something different hoping for a better outcome. The times I tried the hardest to keep the peace she would hit me harder and longer. It would make her so angry that she couldn't get to me. As an adult I felt our relationship was getting better. She still has her moments where I think to myself it is just her and ignore it. She had me almost convinced she was better in alot of ways. I knew she still had a bad temper. She is screaming at someone every time I call or go to her house but still this is an improvement. If someone who doesn't know is present she has an instant sanity switch. She is very manipulative. Compared to her violence her words are even nastier. I could not explain how she uses them but she is very smart the way she choses her words. She has 4 kids including me. The youngest is only 12 years old and recently we realised she was starting to physically abuse her too. Myself and my siblings, as adults, refuse to let her tell use the same lies she would tell other people. We decided to talk to her dad. Social services ended up being called and my mom is refusing to cooperate. She is punishing my sister Tianna saying she will never see my mom again. It is sad seeing my little sister go through that. She is threatening Tianna's dad she will come and break their windows and take tianna and things like this. I just got off the phone with her and she basically said all of us are ganging up on her and Tianna is a liar and we are lying. She tells me she didn't hit me that often and when she did I deserved it. I told her to get her story straight because to other people she says she never did it and to me she is saying only sometimes. She argued that I was a horrible teenager and I did deserve it.I told her most of the time I was doing nothing at all. Than she comes back with this huge lie saying I was hitting her and the time she did hit me was because I attacked her and she had scratch marks all over her stomach and back. I hung up the phone on her. It is these kinds of lies that make me so sick. She hit me all the time and I never wanted to hit her back. I would just stand there facing her and let her come at me and I wouldnt do anything. It makes me so sick to my stomache. I don't know who she is going to try to convince now to Tiannas dad maybe and the social workers maybe that the only reason she did that is because I, her daughter, was the crazy one. Story of my life. I phoned social services, she convinced them I was crazy and they did nothing, I phoned the cops, she did the same thing. My older sister and I are trying to not let her get away with these lies anymore but it is so hard. I love my mother very much but I am ready to throw in the towel if she doesn't get help. She won't admit she has a problem. She truly beleives even though she is lying that she is always right. She is crazy. How would I get her the help she needs? Is that even possible? People always think me and my siblings have the most wonderful mother because we turned out so well that it would be impossible to beleived we were raised by someone who isn't wonderful. She has a lovable side but her other side is just crazy. Thanks to anyone who has read this and who may chose to comment.
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my mom in some ways is like this she is very lovable but anything could trigger my mom , she would get upset to the point that if you move tours her she will go into protective mood and would get defensive tours you. my mom has called me a **** , ***** , ***** and much more. She never thought she was doing anything wrong it was always my fault , I never told anyone because I thought I would be that horrible person that hurt the rest of the family my mom never really had this problem with the rest of the 4 kids but just me.
Sometimes as a kid she would hit my brother infront of me and I would step in and it would turn into her starting to hit me instead . she got help for me but the one here that's crazy is my mom.