My mother is a dragon. No one escapes her fire.
Everything in life is everyone else's fault.
Professional victim, whining about everything to her wine glass.
She has a growing track record of putting people that get close to her in jail, claiming abuse and manages to create convincing enough bruises in her drunkenness that it has become a growing concern for both my brother and I to be living with her and over 18.
She got her highschool boyfriend put in jail, called the police on the next few, and had my father nearly in jail. She has hated me for 10 years for not lying for her in court and having my dad locked up.

Most of my time spent at home is confined to my bedroom, its's safer to avoid her entirely. She loves to give the silent treatment, although I'd prefer it to her drunken instigation's.
I've been trying to move for years, but she will not let me leave, she wants to throw me out.
She even called the police on me last week, during a fight in which she trashed my room and stood and inch away from my face, yelling, screaming, spitting, begging me to hit her so they'd have a reason to arrest me. And I stood there, scratched and bruised, hands behind my back, not giving her anything. When the cops showed up and didn`t cart me away she furiously packed a bag and left for 2 days.
She is actively trying to destroy my life.
Hates that I finished college. Hates that I own my own business. Hates that I have friends.
She says things to me no mother should ever say to their child; tells me all the time to quit my business and go work in a factory, has told me many times that no one wants me around except to use me for sexual favours. (I work in trades and am in a male dominated industry, she thinks I`m useless and can`t possibly work hard for things)
She has showed up drunk to my business functions to scare away clients, has accused me of sleeping with every person in my life, has tried to corner my friends to dig up dirt on me to use in her next attack (12 people now have told me this, and when I confronted her about it was told ``they`re all liars``)
She has scared away all my boyfriends... and at this point I don`t even bother with dating because they would have to meet her at some point.

She doesn`t seem to realize that once my brother and I leave she will have no one, we are not dealing with her beyond this house, I can`t say there`s an ounce of respect left in me at all for this lazy, drunk, crazy dragon lady that insists on making life seem so futile.

I`m wondering how much more of this I can take, and when out how long is it going to take to feel like a normal human that doesn`t feel so constantly attacked, I`m tired of being in defense mode
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Wow. That is so toxic. You deserve peace in your life...I would advise that you get yourself and sibling out of there asap. All the best, you sound like you have a bright future ahead and have your head on right. Surviving that kind of abuse is half the battle won already but you wouldn't wish it on anyone for sure.