My Mother Has Just Been Diagnosed

Just before Christmas, My mother was put into a mental ward in the hospital against her will. She is 85 years old. Her behavior had been getting more and more bizarre recently. She had become paranoid and aggitated. She threw a potted plant at her daughter in law.

She became secretive and her daily emails to me became rambling and incoherent.

My father's health began to decline as he attempted to deal with her fits. His blood pressure went up and he experienced  mini stroke. My brother decided ti do something after the mini stroke and had my mother put in the hospital for evaluation.

My mother was evaluated and the diagnosis was she was bipolar with onset dementia.

Growing up. I always knew there was something wrong with my mother. I adored my mother and feared my mother at the same time.  She was a mercurial ,brilliant, clever woman. She is much smarter than my father.

My mother could be cold and critical and remote one moment and warm and generous the next. She was never physically affectionate. She never said "I love you" or that she was proud of you. Her power was to withhold approval.

I craved my mothers love and approval as a child and I suppose as an adult.  She rarely

gave it to me. She often meddled in my affairs. She would read my private diary and make comments. Usually critical of the way I was thinking. She would talk to my friends about me ,

searching for information. She would snoop around in my room, listen to my phone calls.c. etc. As a result ,I am a very private person. I rarely disclose my real feelings to anyone.

AuntKorn AuntKorn
56-60, F
Jan 4, 2010