One thing I wanted to add to my story that I think is important. I am often consumed by rage. I have an intense anger that lies just beneath the surface. I work very hard to keep it in check. when My anger is provoked ( which is rarely) I literally see red. and then I just explode. It is not pretty, so I work very hard at not going there. Does anyone else experience this?

AuntKorn AuntKorn
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2010

I do. I think it is because anger is the only emotion I could ever understand clearly from my mother. It also stems from the fact that I was bullied, walked on, treated so low by her that I cannot let anyone get the upper hand on me. I am constantly analyzing everything to ensure I am not take advantage of or treated unfairly. I am not very good at control the anger though. I should seek help maybe. But it is a wonderful thing that you are.

You know, I relate to this so badly.. Especially the intense anger that lies beneath the surface part. I feel I am a very angry person inside but no-one knows this because I keep it inside and I can just feel it building up. I think I'm waiting for the day to just explode but I don't know how soon it will come.