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I feel like I have a much higher sex drive than most other people.  It's really bad though when I'm not with somebody like I am now!  M@sturbating is so much less exciting but at least it relieves some pressure.  I feel like I have to m@sturbate at least once a day and sometimes more than once.  I feel like it's a monthly cycle cause a few days of the month I actually don't feel like I have to ****** and sometimes I want to more than once.  But on average it's about once a day. 

I was with someone last spring and we would f#ck and f#ck and f#ck some more.  We would have sex for hours at night then get up and go right back to where we started.  We just totally had the chemisty thing going on.  Plus I think we were both sex addicts.  I don't know if I'm technically a sex addict since I think you have to engage in risky behaviors to be an addict.  I always use protection and don't just f#ck anybody but I do like it very often. 

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Sigh...I'm the same

Toshiko, no you aren't weird cause there's plenty of guys out there like us. I have been finding that I am often ************ just out of routine and not really all that horny. I'm trying to put a day or two in between sessions (not always successful). I don't think there's anything immoral or wrong with ************, I just think that it can keep someone from going out and finding the real thing. I've also found that when I am having sex that I don't feel as much friction as I do when I'm ************....I'm squeezing harder when ************. It's not all a bad thing, I can certainly last longer for the womans sake. But sometimes I have trouble having an ****** at all.

Neither of you are alone in this world. There are plenty of healthy, happy people who have worked out solutions to these problems and I hope you keep searching the EP stories on this issue and find some good starts.

Finally somebody i can somewhat relate too. I ********** at least once a day, and love to **** all the time. But I know I dont harm myself or anyone in doing it. So I always ask myself, am I weird? Am I a Addict? How to control It? Or is this behavior Ok? Thanks for sharing your story, it really opened me up to know that I am not alone in this world.

hmmm, that's an interesting possibility. I think my (much shorter) relationship may have been similar. In retrospect it lacked real substance. That's cool you're getting out and active more. Sex is far from the most important thing but is a good thing when in a stable relationship. I believe it is truly bonding.

good to know ;)<br><br />
thats how my last relationship was. infact, i think we had sex more than we did anything else. i have no real memories with him (besides having our children) and we were together for 7 yrs! <br><br />
now, i havent had sex in 5 months; surprisingly i'm okay. i'm trying to focus my energy on other things....doing more with my children and just getting out more in general.<br><br />
i've often wondered, based on my past relationship, if the high sex drive was just a way for my ex and i to cope with our failing, mundane life together.