Am A Virgin And Am Extremely Horny


I am a 25 year old virgin girl and am so horny...its almost unbelievable. I just wish sometimes the guy i have a crush on would just take me and shag me. I am too shy to make a move...but sigh i have an unquenchable sex drive, I just want to know is this normal??? 

I was abused as a child by two different people and would that be the reason i get so horny..i ********** like 5 times a day...dont laugh i am serious!


lemme know,

alone and still waiting

shybrownie shybrownie
1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Shy .... maybe you need female...... who can ease you into sex and then go onto me if you likeI also ********** 3-5 times a date its not a bad thing sweetie.......