I've Been Dying Inside For Three Years

I feel so far away from him now. But I feel I can never let go. I pray for ways to move on from these feelings. I wish there were someone or some way... I'd let go if there were a way. My eyes miss his eyes. I'm so burned up inside from the avoidance. My mind and heart can't figure it out. I've gone over this over and over in my mind. It tortures my soul to no end. But the truth is if you wanted to, you'd be with me. This love is and always has been unrequited. :(
skiescollide skiescollide
22-25, F
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

How about if your heart and mnd both agree on something; go that way. Guy or no guy, love will find you reguardless.

I can only hope so..

I don't know what it is about Love that drives us to feel this way, but when we feel love that's what drives us mad because when we lose it we don't know what to feel, all we want is that feeling back of being loved and cared about, people like that don't deserve our love, its to powerful for them, we shouldn't suffer over someone that doesn't want our love or affection, your heart will heal, it will be scared but it can be healed

Thank you <3 I look forward to finding someone who will appreciate my love.