Closest Friend With A Boyfriend

I've loved her for a bit over two years. A few days ago, I realized that loving her will do nothing but make me hate myself forever. I've loved her since before she got her first boy friend, and I still am in love with her even though she has her second boyfriend. For most of the past two years, I've been looking for the giant flaw in me that would explain why she doesn't like me. Every time I didn't find it, I'd spend the rest of the day hating myself for not finding it and hating whatever flaw there was.

Now that I've decided to give up on her, I can actually say I don't remember a time when I've felt better. I still love her, but I just accepted that she will never love me back. Hopefully, I'll get over her soon.

Thanks for listening.
TrafalgarLaw TrafalgarLaw
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3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I'm not over my flame, either... just thought about calling her, although this might not be the best idea :)


are you over her yet? Does it feel better each day?

Not just yet, unfortunately. :) I don't love her as much, though. Plus, yesterday was much easier to get through than last year, so it's getting better. Thanks for asking. :)