I Can Eat A Hotdog Underwater

i haven't an unrequited love yet, but i feel it coming on. as this particular situation i'm in unfolds, i'm sure it will be heading somewhere most unsatisfactory. but anyhow, thats not what im here to talk about.
Anyone else get mini URL's(UnRequited Love), or unrequited crushes on almost every passing member of the opposite(within reason)?
for example: i'm walking through the mall and i see a woman to be in my age group and all im imagining is "could i date that girl? i wonder if we could totally hit it off. i wonder if she'll think the same thing of me(which is HILARIOUS because that's always a no. most times i go completely unnoticed). i could settle down with that."
basically taking most guys "trolling for ***" as one might say to the next level, moving it up from "ahh, i'd hit that" to what i had previously explained. anyone?
matiswest matiswest
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012