Unrequited love.
What does one do
when the cure is the illness?
BlackCatBoy BlackCatBoy
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3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

Haha I came to this site initially because of such loves.. That was over five years ago.. And I'm still here.. Some of us find this place to be addicting :(

I can say it's behind me now. Nice to know I am not alone in such arrows to the soul

What do you do when it hurts just as much to cut the strings, and no longer have that individual in your life so your heart will no longer ache, as it does to keep that same person close to you, but have your heart continue to ache, knowing things will never progress? It's a simple answer but a very difficult decision to make.

I thought I cut the strings. No, I only buried them. They ate at me, I could not let her thoughts go. I started a novel about our short lived affair, and she found out about it. We are speaking again, and she started treating me as a close friend but she again draws a line. I again die the death that never ends. No, not easy. I will sever it again and again I will think of my doing that as a mistake (((

Try to get over it?

Haha! Yes, I figured out I was being played and found the scissors in the drawer of strength and recently cut the strings that held me prisoner.

I did the same a while back. I literally visualized breaking those strings of attachment. It worked, too :)

Visualization is an incredibly powerful force, most overlook just how much power the mind has to change ones destiny. As for these relationships, There is nothing more soul wrenching then to be self-imprisoned through unrequited love. That's one road I will not be traveling again I'm happy to say!