Is It Truly Unusual?

Why is it unusual to want and crave a sexual connection while you are in a relationship with someone? I don't feel that my thinking about sex with my partner is odd. Sure, maybe wanting to be with him more than once a day may seem strange to some people, but for me it feels about right.

In previous relationships I was chastised for wanting sex more than once a week. So I stopped asking. It made me feel like I was too demanding and that there was something wrong with me. After that relationship was over, I went a long time without any sexual contact. Eventually I tried again---the same thing happened. "I'm too tired." "Don't you ever get enough?" Snoring, snoring, snoring...night after night. I wasn't asking for the sexual olympics or some weird type of acrobatic endeavor--it was just plain fun sex and I was always a participant. I don't do the limp lying dog routine, so it wasn't like he had to do all the work.

I love that oversated feeling that you get from a nice long ride. That limp boned, too tired to pull the covers up thing. I may be 40 something, but I still want that, in fact I want it more now than I did when I was 20 something. Then I didn't really even know what an ****** I do.

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You would NEVER get that from me. My're my dream.

This is the time, isn't it?, at this age, tend to go through a mid-life crisis while women in our forties, we seem to go through a mid-life 'awakening'....we are finally at the most comfortable with ourselves and with our sexuality....for me, anyway, I am now fully aware of how much I have given up for my it's MY TURN....I'm going after what I sexual fulfillment....ALL OF IT...

Embrace the way you are....we are sexual beings!!!....and the men in our lives can either deal with it, or's their choice.....but things are different now...I'm not going to continue living my life 'for him'....I'm living it for me now....and I'll be damned if I'm going to be chastised for wanting to be 'fully sated' as you say!!

Have sex! Have lots and lots of fun, crazy, wild, dirty, and clean sex!!..and don't be ashamed of that! :D

you sooooo get what I'm to find 2 or 5 guys to play with. :D heehee

You said it perfectly......having desire for another who shares that with you..omg!! How can you walk away from that? I want to spend the second half of my life the most what if you are a **** star in the bedroom.....desire and passion= spontaneous combustion!!!! Look out!!!

I think this is very normal, but you also have to be able to be as honest - if not more honest - with your partner as you have been with us. You need to be able to talk to your partner. And you need to hear your partner, too. If he's too tired, you need to be understanding. Neither party should feel inadequate in any way in a relationship.

Thank are absolutely correct. :)

I'd say it's perfectly normal. I crave for a woman who doesn't mind me taking her multiple times a day & I don't consider myself abnormal ;-)

Very well said!! I concur!! I could do it anytime of the day or the 2A nosh into a deep sleep and wake up and continue it into the shower type of night......But I will need a sound proof room for my passion.......

Your life and mine are the same in this area. I crave sexuality and my wife doesn't understand at all.

Just not the right guys for you yet. I have the same problem but with the female gender.
But hey such is life I guess.