I Went On A Quest..

I remember when I first started playing around sexually. My 1st Love was in high school.  We were together 3 years.  I can remember the night we first made love, it was in front of this huge tree in the middle of farm fields.  It hurt like hell.  He was huge and long. I couldn't believe everyone is so excited for this to happen.  He asked if he should stop. I said no.. I wanted to finish..  From there on I believe he started shaping my sexual side.. he ****** me everywhere, anywhere and in front of select friends.  He wanted me to bring home people so he could watch them with me.. I never actually followed through with picking up any strangers.  I did **** his friend at his request.  I loved him so much I did anything he asked.. we lived together 6 months.. we drifted apart and went our separate ways.  He married the next girl he dated.  Quite a disappointment to me.. but our breakup probably was the best thing that ever happened to me as I started to find myself.

After that I decided to find sex that didn't hurt.. It was a hunt for pleasure and I found it.  I found that I could express my bisexuality.  I found that I can love a woman.  I also found that I want a man.  I had so much fun in my 20's but it did have a tainted silver lining.... more on that some other time..

Blueyefox Blueyefox
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

Wow this guy was a early freak lol! It has taken me a while to get there myself. In HS I was just hoping for the odd blow job!