Really? All The Time?

I used to think when I was much younger that I was sick for thinking /wanting/craving sex all the time...but as I am much more mature now( in some ways ) I know it is just who I am.. And have accepted it whole probably doesn't help that I have some what of an addiction to watching ****...I was told to cut the **** out of my life and it will subside kinda worked ... But on the negative, then my imagination kicked it into overdrive!!! Haha ... Is there no cure??
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2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

One advantage of the internet, and sites like EP, is that they put us in touch with others that feel the same way. I always wondered if "normal" people *********** at least once a day... Now, I know that there are LOTS of us out there. Thanks for sharing!

why fight the need If I need to have sex I go find a willing partner/partners i have tons of condoms and most guys will participate if it's free even if you are only going to suck them off my need for sex is off the charts and lost count of how many now but I always have safe sex as long as you have fun