OO Yes Fallout 3

 This game is amazing and if u save before u do any type of action, you can change the story alot of ways then reload and do it differently. The game is so big and you find hidden places  so often that you cannot get tired. You can chose to be good or bad in this game. Its also sad and scary at times because if you catch a radio signal and chose to find the person, you might find them and their children's skeletal remains... ooooh ;) 

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4 Responses Aug 30, 2009

Not saying its a bad game or anything .. just a bit slow in the beginning .. i like games that you can get stuck into from the word go .. but i like watching my mate play FO3 .

Broken Steel was awesome, though I haven't finished all the missions for it yet. Point Lookout is great, and I love the "'Silent Hill" feel to it. I completed the last dlc, Mothership Zeta..right up my alley, aliens, disintegrator guns, and all! What fun! lol The only one I haven't gotten is Operation Anchorage.

Im level 19 and I have played operation Anchorage... Its good but its more towards action. I want to get broken steel because it makes the game endless...and I heard point lookout was crazy, more on the mutated zombie side of the game. Did you play any of them yet? are they worth it?

Fallout 3 is awsome! What level are you at, and have you played some of the DLCs yet?