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If you're interested check it out...
superhans91 superhans91 22-25, F 38 Responses Apr 19, 2012

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I love your xtube vids and looked you up here from there, though I think I'd already seen you around here. Your bedwetting one is my latest craze, it's such a turn on!

Loved the profile.

Very hot pee videos! Loved the one wetting your jeans and panties and taking them off! Also loved you peeing on b/f!

this it great, please do some more.

HOT! Thanks! :)

very hot, thanks

your pics there are stunning

Just my luck! It said profile no longer available....Maybe you can add me and I can play "catch up"!

Amazing! I'm in love!

Oh wow!! U are so hott, the body of an athlete, super, super, sexy...and the way u play with ur **** as u pee, phew!! U enjoy what u do & it shows, thankyou!!

OH my god!! just looked at your xtube profile! <br />
I have a profile to and follow you on their already.<br />
Just amazing! youve got such a hot body and look so good peeing!!<br />
Your BF must love it ;-) would love to take his place on that vid!

have fun <br />
wet on

Funny, I already subscribed to your channel on xtube when I read this :D so yeah, you're going into my circle :)

Thanks for the link! Great vids!

I will have to chech it out I would love to see you wet your panties.

The one of you in bed peeing in red panties (same as in your profile picks here)... that is the first video I have ever watched of someone peeing themselves or peeing a bed. I watched it three times, and I came so hard! I don't think I can put into words how good it felt.<br />

I'd like to see you try to hold it without putting your legs together, keeping them spread ;D

Great videos... can i be greedy & ask for some more ;)

amazing stuff - thanks for sharing

amazing thanks for sharing

Love your profile on xtube

I enjoy all of your videos. Dont stop it. I waiting the next one.

did you see the vid of a guy peeing on his girlfriends feet?

I did but I haven't watched it, I was going to the other day but forgot. Why's that?

have you ever done that. me and my wife pee on each other in hte shower. dont knpw why but it feels good

I got to be honest I do like peeing in the shower, both on myself and on my boyfriend, we both do :)

just watching your vids now. fav is on the bed

i can see from the photos on there that you have a very hot body and a cheeky smile x

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I was interested, checked it out, came 3 times. God you are gorgeous!

oh girl you are amazing, i follow you on xtube and wetpantsboy too, one of my favourite wetter of all time. rock on keep wetting and make gorgeous videos for us all

Very interested! checking it out now, cool to see your english too :) nice to meet you!

The jeans one is so so incredible, thank you for sharing!

Hey, I'd like to see you in a crotch rope sometime :) could you do that?

I watched most of them and love the jeans and panty wetting and peeing on the b/f ,I just wet my jeans sitting here watching you wet yours.

mmmm wetting pants its great i luv it. greetings from holland