Extra Pleasure

When the mood is right and I have a nice block of time it's great fun to slide something into my ***. I was very horny and curious as a kid so early on I started searching for things to slide up there. It made my ******* incredibly intense. Anything with a rounded tip - broom handles, pens. I even fashioned a butt plug out of a portion of a handle. Around age 15 I even found my mother's vibrator and ****** myself in the shower. Boy, it was a tight fit! Now I have have a g-spot/prostate vibe and learned to hit the prostate. The best though is my 8" silicone suction cup *****. I mount it to the shower wall, mount it and ride away. It's much thicker at the base and the longer I ride the deeper it goes in until my *** is bouncing against the wall. The ******* are long, shake my entire body and I don't even have to touch my ****!

One day, if I meet the right person, I might try the real thing.
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Sounds so hot in the Steamy hot shower! Would love to sneak in and replace that *****.

Love the shower fun