Anaphylaxis Diagnosis

I have been allergic to a variation of foods since birth, including peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, plasters, sesame seeds, salami, pomegranate and others. However, these allergies were never serious until a few moths ago. In August, I ate a bakery product from a Marks and Spencers - a white chocolate chip cookie. Within minutes I was coughing uncontrollably, having an outbreak of hives, getting severe abdominal pain and having real difficulty getting air. Because my allergies were never serious, I never carried anything with my apart from my inhaler. This, however, was not helping. We went into a local shop and bought some anti-histamine. However, this did not have effect. We made our way home, and it was only after 4 hours of anti-histamins and many intakes of salbutamol that my symptoms relieved themselves. We made an appointment to see the GP as soon as possible. I was referred to an allergist at the local hospital, where I was given skin ***** tests. My results were: PEANUTMERC: 13mm, PEANUTMX: 9mm, ALMOND: 7mm, NUT MIX 9mm, SESAME MIX: 12mm, POLLENMIX: 10mm. I was diagnosed as being anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds penicillin, erythromycin and a possible latex allergy. I was prescribed epi-pens and wouldn't be without them. Ever. I am always very careful and cautious about what I eat now, and I haven't eaten a bakery product since!

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

i hear what your saying. yesterday i had a bad reaction to some fresh fruit (fruit that i love no less) but THANK GOD that my body was of sorts, making me throw up, before it got any worse. but i go NO WHERES w/o my epi-pen, and in fact now, it's been two weeks of going to the gym that i've been handing off one of my active pens to the front desk, and yesterday they contacted me regarding me doing the training for the staff and instructors that i'm around while i'm there.