Getting Better

A few years ago, I had to stop giving blood as my iron count dropped far too low.  I'd always had slightly low iron, but my deficiency had started getting worse and worse.


While at University, it got to the point where I became incredibly lethargic.  I got tired and depressed very easily, and had trouble motivating myself to do anything.  This was partially due to my circumstances, but also partially due to my iron-deficiency.  I was taking mineral suppliments, but even these were not raising my iron levels enough to make a difference.


I started taking Ferrous Sulphate tablets in the summer of this year and have noticed an improvement.  Although I'm still not totally fixed, just taking one of these everyday has certainly made my blood look less pink, and I don't get tired as easily as I used to.  I'm hoping that if I keep taking them, eventually I'll be able to give blood again.

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
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You are correct--anemia affects many body symptoms and causes many different symptoms. I am a doctor in Montana and frequently treat women with iron-deficiency anemia. One of the major problems I see repeatedly is that women with anemia are not recommended enough iron to adequately replenish them. The general recommendation is that someone with anemia should receive 2-3 mg elemental iron per kilogram body weight per day. This usually requires 90+ mg elemental iron daily. However, the problem is that most iron pills cause abdominal cramping and diarrhea at this amount. The only product I recommend for iron deficiency anemia is FerroSolve by Nutritional Biochemistry, Inc. (NBI, This product, formulated by physicians from Harvard, Cornell, MIT and Bastyr contains a proprietary amino acid chelated form of iron that's up to 75% absorbable and does not cause the abdominal complaints and constipation that other iron supplements (such as ferrous sulfate or ferrous gluconate) cause. You should consider taking FerroSolve as it's inexpensive and more effective than other forms of iron.

Yes, it definitely is.

Thanks for your comment. Every little bit of encouragement helps. Is the ferrous sulphate still working for you? I'm wondering if perhaps she could benefit from this if she's not taking it already.

I've never had one, I'm afraid, as my anemia isn't that bad. I feel for you though - I know how scary it is to have a loved one going into hospital. Don't worry though. Transfusions are done all the time. Just be sure to give her lots of love and support through it as I'm sure she's more scared than you are.

Hi, My former g/f is going to be going through a blood transfusion tonight for severe anemia. I'm somewhat freaked out by this. She has other health issues also. Do you know what it's like to go through a blood transfusion? Is it painful? Side effects? Need some re-assurance as I care about her very much. Thanks.

Yeah, it's the same in the UK. They're really good value and they work!