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Hi all I am new to this and just joined as I am having trouble finding updated information on sickle cell trait. From what I have read already on the internet it isn't dangeous and doesn't posses any symptoms although each website varies and contradict eachother. I have even seen a website saying they wanted to get sickle cell trait reclassified as they have discovered more about it and can vary from person to person. My 9 year old son has the trait and he suffers terrible pain in the spleen area also his blood flow in his baby fingers is sometimes restricted causing him pain as his fingers turn white and bend to a point where he can't straighten them. My 4 year old daughter also has the trait and she too suffers with the pain in the spleen area which she has now at this moment and has been vomitting. She is very tired and also very pale. I have mentioned these things to my doctor but he just shrugs it off. I know I need to get a new doctor. I'm working on that now but as i have a medical card they are all the same.

My son also sometimes wets his bed and gets frequent kidney infections as does my daughter only she doesn't wet her bed as often just rarely.

I wish I had more information and someone knew what was going on cause I have been hearing a lot of different stories, and can sickle cell trait develop into something more.

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See a hemotologist. Let them know what is going on and make sure they do a Hemoglobin Electrophoresis. Try to find a hemotologist that is familiar with Sickle Cell testing and looking for abnormal hemoglobins as well.

I am sorry that your children are going through medical challenges. Please get them retested to make sure the first test was done correctly. You are not alone! I know it's stressful! People with the SC Trait do have medical challenges. Thank you for being a good parent and searching for more information. <br />
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Please visit our site, as we have updated information We bring awareness and the truth about Sickle Cell ~ Anemia/Disease and Trait. <br />
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Find a support group in your community and learn as much as you can about the trait and disease. Please explain to your children that if they marry and have a child with another person that has sickle cell trait, there is a one in four chance that each child they have may have Sickle Cell Disease making them a special needs parent.<br />
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This year marks the 100th anniversary since US Dr. James Herrick published his first observations on ‘peculiar elongated cells’, what is now known as sickle cell disease.<br />
The medical community is still learning much. Since most people think that Sickle Cell is just a Black/African American Disease, much work has not been done in a timely manner. The truth is, every race has a type of Sickle Cell. <br />
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The United Nations made June 19th World Sickle Cell Day to bring awareness about this global health problem. This year will be the 2nd Anniversary. <br />
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I hope you will visit or site and contact us.<br />
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